SAFETY at the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy

For the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy safety of treatment is top priority. As a leading institute in the world our cleanroom laboratory has been certified according to EN ISO 14644 by TÜV– Germany, the internationally recognized, leading organization that works to validate safety of products of all kinds. Our new laboratory contains cleanrooms up to the highest purity grade. A specially developed quality control system guarantees consistent high quality and safety for all our products.

Our highly-qualified medical team has a wealth of experience particularly in regenerative medicine and cell therapy. The team of doctors is supported by our laboratory physicians, biologists, chemists and specially trained laboratory personnel.

Each patient is individually examined for the therapy. With the help of specially designed medical testing programs our medical team ensures that each patient is optimally prepared for the cell therapy and excludes existing health risks caused by stress or diseases. All patients are continuously checked by our experienced staff. By this an optimal course of treatment is guaranteed.

Around the globe the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy works with a large group of medical agents to support and advise our foreign customers, ensuring the best service before and after the treatment.

The German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy works closely with local health departments and authorities. The cells are extracted and processed at the laboratory premises of the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy. Each step is thoroughly supervised and documented to meet all regulatory drug and safety standards. The combination of very excellent donor material and the continuous process control provides the perfect setting for cell extraction at the highest quality level.

As the only institute worldwide in the field of cell therapy, the German Centre for Fresh Cells Therapy offers TÜV tested and certified cleanroom laboratory technology, according to EN ISO 14644. With the construction of our laboratory according to latest EU-regulations we meet the highest standards for the preparation of sterile cell products.

Our GMP laboratory guarantees our patients the use of extensive monitoring and control systems throughout the manufacturing process. Therefore we are able to guarantee a consistent quality of our cell extracts as the only institute worldwide.

Unfortunately a range of providers offer alleged cell treatments without informing the patients about the substances used for injections. We therefore recommend patients and interested persons to check the practices of each physician or institution exactly before making a booking arrangement.