Fresh cell therapy is a biological treatment method that results in the revitalisation and true regeneration of organs through the administration of foetal animal cells.

In the year 1912, the French Nobel laureate Alexis Carrel first noted that cultures of ageing cells are stimulated to increased growth by the addition of embryonic tissue.

The Swiss doctor Paul Niehans, a grandson of German Emperor Frederick III, completed a large number of gland transplants after 1918 which achieved positive treatment results for a brief period limited to several months. Then on April 1, 1931 chance brought a scientific breakthrough.

On that day a patient was referred to him with severe post-operative tetany resulting from the mistaken resection of the parathyroid in moribund condition.

In this situation, a transplantation of the gland was not possible. He immediately used some material of parathyroid glands derived from animals in the smallest form, added some sodium chloride solution and injected both in the great thoracic muscle. The patient was healed and the monitoring proved that she had no more spasms for the following 25 years.

With this epochal and groundbreaking discovery, Professor Niehans established a previously unknown therapy method by applying a biological principle: Regeneration using cells from juvenile donor animals.

The German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy has been able to update this natural healing method to latest medical standards. Through this development, safety and effectiveness of the therapy could be improved. Our cell extracts, manufactured in a clean room environment are guaranteed to be free of bacteria. The German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy offers according to EN ISO 16466 certified clean rooms and sets new international standards of quality.

This biological treatment method was subsequently developed further by Professor Niehans and his students, so that safe application is ensured and optimum treatment results can now be achieved for many chronic disorders, wear symptoms and dysfunctions.  

Cell therapy has helped many personalities achieve new health and vitality, including Pope Pius XII, Emperor Hirohito, Emperor Haile Selassi, King Ibn Saud, Konrad Adenauer, Charlie Chaplin and many more.

In his time, Federal Minister of Health Seehofer attempted to prohibit the therapy method because of pressure from mainstream medicine. But based on decades of positive results and good treatment outcomes, fresh cell therapy has continued to assert itself with great success.

The desire to remain young and vital is as old as humanity itself. Cell therapy developed over more than 80 years based on experience and triggered by the desire to preserve and restore human vitality and performance.