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It has been four weeks since my fresh cell therapy. I am self-employed and regularly work 60 hours per week. My 50th birthday is coming up this year. To cut a long story short, I decided to undergo fresh cell therapy because of the bothersome side effects of the beginning menopause and burn-out. It took less than a week for my sleep problems to disappear and my general health is definitely better now. I can even drive my car without glasses. My heartfelt thanks to all who made my stay in Bad Tölz such a great experience. Sabine W. (49) 

I have been doing shift work and the consequences can't be overlooked. My friends first told me about fresh cell therapies. I tried it and now I sleep much better and feel much more energetic and focused by day. It's beyond me why not many more people undergo fresh cell therapy! Roland H. (52) > I am noticeably more active and ready for life after my fresh cell therapy. Now, I have an easy time handling both family and work because my batteries are charged again! I am quite sure that this was not my last fresh cell therapy. Caren H. (49)

New Zest for Life “My joy of life has returned after the fresh cell therapy. I will definitely recommend the fresh cell therapy to others.“ Mrs. B. K., 58 years of age 

I look significantly younger! “I am so proud when acquaintances are in awe of my vitality and healthy appearance and always consider me much younger than my real age.“ Mrs. J. H., 81 years of age

Feeling so much better! “I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my state of health after the fresh cell therapy despite my advanced age.“ Mr. Dr. J. V., 87 years of age

No more Joint Pains “My general state of health has taken a miraculous turn for the better. Especially my joint pains have slowly disappeared. I am very satisfied, especially in view of so many treatments before the fresh cell therapy, which have never brought any success.“ Mr. E. D., 80 years of age

Glowing State of Health “My overall condition after the fresh cell treatment is simply marvelous. I have taken the liberty of recommending you to my friends and acquaintances.“ Mrs. B. K., 45 years of age 

Better Flexibility and Fitness “I have already received two fresh cell treatments, once 15 years ago and a follow-up treatment three years later. My firm resolve is not to wait so long to get another treatment again because I can clearly feel the positive effects on my arthritic pains.“ Mr. P. S., 62 years of age 

I Finally Feel Better! “The stress from my work rarely lets up. As a result I am suffering from problems with my equilibrium organ for quite a while. I am so happy that my condition is much improved after the fresh cell treatment.“ Mrs. L. Sch., 53 years of age