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What should you consider?

The production of cell preparations in Germany is subject to the strict regulations of the German drug law (AMG § 13 II b) according to which the cell extracts must be prepared to the needs of each patient individually.

In the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy these guidelines are followed precisely in order to maintain the safety and benefits of each patient. In addition, the laboratory of the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy and the manufacturing process have been accepted by the state government. With that, the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy is the world's only institution which produces its cell extracts in its own GMP laboratory at the highest safety and purity level. For this purpose, a qualified and experienced team of laboratory and specialized doctors are willing to carry on the know-how of over 60 years of successful history.

Thanks to extensive veterinary checks the donor animals, that are kept for decades in an alpine natural reserve, fulfill the criterion of a closed herd and establish the basis for consistently high quality and safety of the cell treatment at the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy.

A maximum of transparency and security can only be ensured if a closed process from extraction through production and therapeutic application of the cell preparation is given, while keeping the quality level at its Peak!

Many Cell Therapy institutes offer cell treatments while their manufacturing process of the cell extracts do not coincide with the current legal regulations. In addition, some providers are still advertising the traditional fresh cell therapy, in which the patient is injected with living cell material (so-called "Fresh cells") shortly after obtaining, that is no longer permitted in Germany.

Thanks to the production in its own GMP laboratory the cell treatment at the Germany Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy is a proven and safe method.

Your health is at stake - decide for safety, quality and transparency!