Talking about fresh cell therapy, we are refering to the traditional therapy concept which was developed by Prof Paul Niehans. Under this method fresh cells harvested from donor animals are directly injected into the patient. There is only a short space of time available between harvesting the cells and injecting them. Within this short period of time of only a couple of hours the necessary tests to guarantee 100% sterile material can´t be processed. The traditional fresh cell therapy became very popular after the second World War and had its "golden age" until the 80ties of the last century. Nowadays the traditional method can´t be seen anylonger as state of the art for the following reasons: • Meanwhile safer and more effective therapy methods have been developed. • Due to the high requirements of the revised medicine Act an authorization from the government authority is necessary to apply this method. According to our current knowledge, no institution in the world has such a manufacturing authorization.


The German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy looks back to a long and very successful treatment tradition of over 60 years and has extensive medical knowledge and experience. At the German Centre of Fresh Cell Therapy we are of course utilizing the continued medical and biotechnical development and nowadays are applying a safer and more efficient production and therapy process, which guarantees the consistence of the cell materials high quality. The cell extracts which are individually produced at the German Centre of Fresh Cell Therapy consist of fetal cells which are harvested from donor animals and gently processed. Using this method the valuable and bioactive content of the cell is getting preserved. Contrary to the traditional fresh cell therapy undesirable allergic reactions are prevented because the allergic factors in the cell membrane are removed. Ongoing quality checks guarantee medical purity for the best quality at the highest possible security. Using a highly modern laboratory complex according to GMP guidelines, the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy is the only institution that provides TÜV certified technical equipment. This gives our patients security of absolute sterility of our cell extracts used for treatment. According to this high standard the extraction and production process takes place under pharmaceutical cleanroom conditions. As the only institution in Germany and Switzerland, the newly built laboratory complex of the German Centre for Fresh Cell Therapy meets this high level of legal requirements.


Maximum transparency and quality guaranteed by a closed chain from harvesting the cells from the donor animals, production of the individual cell extracts, quality assurance, therapy and monitoring. - Cell treatment in a relaxed vacation atmosphere in a region with a healthy climate at the beautiful lake Tegernsee. - Future patients are getting consulted by our responsible doctors. - The patients will be closely monitored and taken care of by our experienced team of doctors and nurses. - The cell therapy takes place at lake Tegernsee in the tourist region Upper Bavaria, only about 50 km away from Munich, capital “Cosmopolitan City with a Heart”. This attractive location enables the patients to take part in many leisure activities, shopping and sightseeing before or after the therapy. - The production of the cell extracts is carried out individually for each patient by our doctors using our own GMP laboratory with highest safety standards. This is unique and guarantees a maximum of control and transparency. - The modern production method enables us to preserve the valuable bioactive substances of the cell. At the same time with this method we are able to guarantee highest possible safety. - Production and Therapy are performed according to the strict requirements of the German law. What is the origin of our cell extracts? Our cell extracts are gained from organs and tissue of specially bred sheep. The health of the herd is monitored by a strict monitoring system. The preference for the breed of spotted mountain sheep as donor animals is based on many decades of experience and scientific research. This animal species has very good health conditions, has the lowest cancer predisposition among mammals and is highly resistant to viral and bacteriological diseases. Ongoing health checks with extensive laboratory research guarantee highest purity of the extracted cell material. Through a continuous monitoring system established in collaboration with the local health departments each of our products can be traced back to the exact animal for maximum transparency and security.